Getting The Best Rakeback Deal

Playing online poker without rakeback means you’ll potentially be losing out on thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your account.

Most poker hands you take part in will feature the room charge known as the “rake”, the amount taken is dependent on the size of the pot. If the room didn’t take this charge they’d be letting you play on their tables for free so to put it bluntly, the rake is being taken from your table bankroll, bit by bit.

In just a year it isn’t unusual for an online poker account to play in excess of 100,000 hands, if you paid a conservative 15 cents in rake per hand you would have paid the poker room a massive $15,000 just for the privilege of using their tables.

Now, had you joined the poker room with a rakeback deal of 33% you would have received a payment of $5,000 back into your account, no strings attached. Rakeback providers have special agreements with many of the most reputable poker rooms to offer their players the very best rake back deals, by using a rakeback provider you are guaranteed the best rates and bonus codes.

Another benefit of using a rakeback provider is the extra cash giveaways, promotions such as “Rake Races” where the highest volume players during each month win cash prizes. Other rewards such as poker software registrations, free electrical goods, free tournament entries are available too. You can also refer your friends to a rakeback deal, not only will they thank you for helping their bankroll grow, you’ll receive a 3% referral bonus on top of your rakeback based on how much you referred friends play.

If you play online poker, you are leaving money on the table if you aren’t receiving monthly rakeback.