Farmville Neighbor Tips – Grow Your Farmville Farm by Inviting Neighbors to Join You

Farmville is an online farming game that has taken MySpace, Facebook and smart-phone browsers by storm. With estimates of 70 million players, the playing styles are as varied as the players. Some players are just happy to have a small neat farm, and plug along at a slow, cozy pace. Most of us, however, have a competitive edge that we sharpen every chance we get. It is for those players that the following 2 Farmville Neighbors tips are listed. If you want to know how to soar through levels, maximizing Farmville experience points and building a Farmville plantation that will be the envy of all your fellow farmers, read on.

Farmville Tip #1

Get Some Neighbors

Zynga, the manufacturer of Farmville, created the game to work hand in hand with social networks. That means they reward those who attract others to the game. Convince your friends to join the game, and add them as a Farmville neighbor to reap rewards and benefits. By increasing the number of neighbors you have, you can expand your farm and add more land. By tending to your neighbors’ farms when they are away, you also add more Farmville experience points and Farmville coins, and level up faster. Farmville also tends to reward you with those exclusive Farmville Collectibles the more you tend other people’s farms.

Farmville Tip #2

Be a Social Butterfly

By attracting friends of higher levels, you receive better gifts when they gift you. You can attend Facebook or MySpace forums, and ask for neighbors. This is one way Farmville pros add massive amounts of neighbors. Just make sure you are always climbing the social ladder up, asking for neighbors who have achieved higher levels than yourself. You will find that players of higher levels are better at tending to your farm as well, which pays off huge dividends.

These two simple tips alone can vault you through levels, and you will be amassing Farmville experience points and Farmville cash at an accelerated rate. You may even get the vaunted Local Celebrity Ribbon for adding lots of neighbors, and this means a big reward. Take pictures of all your Farmville neighbors and you will be presented the Shutterbug Ribbon, which helps you advance faster as well. Zynga is constantly working at making the Farmville experience better for you. Keep updated regularly to make sure you know all the latest successful Farmville tips to reach level 70 as quickly as possible.